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Distance-cook with friends, eat tasty food, and give back — what's not to love?

So far, we've raised $58.7k for good causes

City Harvest Food Bank NYC Frontline Foods One Fair Wage Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants

Upcoming Rodeos

  • Sat Jun 6 @ 4:00PM ET

    Flower Crispbreads

    with Jen Latham (Tartine)

    For Tartine Employees & NAACP

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  • Sun Jun 7 @ 4:00PM ET

    Seared Scallops, White Beans & Bacon

    with India Doris (Crown Shy)

    For f.a.r.m.s

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Rodeo Donations

  • $14.8K
    For Employee Funds
  • $9.1K
    For One Fair Wage
  • $5.6K
    For Those w/o UE Benefits
  • $5.4K
    For Frontline Foods
  • $5.3K
    For City Harvest NYC
  • $3.8K
    For ROAR
  • $3.4K
    For Food Bank NYC
  • $2.7K
    For No Kid Hungry
  • $2.1K
    For Reentry Rocks
  • $1.7K
    For Queens Together
  • $1.4K
    For Lenox Hill NBHD House
  • $1.1K
    For Bovina Fire Dept
  • $1.1K
    For Cookies for Kids Cancer
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How it works

  1. Sign-up for a rodeo
    Most classes are free to attend, with a suggested donation per head. 100% of proceeds from each event go to the cause of the host’s choice.
  2. Gather ingredients
    The easy(ish) part! Everything you need is listed on the event page.
  3. Join the rodeo
    The class is hosted video-chat style in real time with the chef, baker, cook, etc. We’ve been using Zoom so far (no account needed).
  4. Cook together, ask questions, and have fun!
    The best part of the class is struggling together!
  5. Proceeds go to good causes
    Other folks benefit because you supported a good cause—and that’s what this is really all about!


  1. What do I need to participate?
    It's super simple — all you need is the ingredients and a way to video chat via a phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Is this a cooking demo?
    No! This is a real cooking class where you will cook alongside chefs and have the ability to ask them questions directly. Trust us, watching and cooking with these incredible chefs will make you a better cook. We think it's a pretty awesome experience :)
  3. How much does it cost to join?
    We offer multiple donation options per event. Additionally, we have 5 free tickets per event so that folks unable to donate right now can join.
  4. If I can't attend the event, can I donate and get a recording?
    Yes! Everyone that gets a ticket will receive a recipe and recording of the event afterwards.
  5. Can I donate after the event is over?
    Yes! We keep donation pages live up to 24 hours after the event is over so that you can donate more if you're inspired to do so.
  6. How do you choose organizations to support?
    100% of proceeds from each event go towards a cause of the host’s choice—this might be a Gofundme to support their restaurant employees or a larger charity organization such as City Harvest.
  7. Why is it called a rodeo?
    Because these classes are fun and unpredictable and a little crazy. It’s a good time!

Who are we?

  • squash Frank Harris

    Frank quit his job to attend ICC's bread course. Then the pandemic hit. This was basically all Frank’s idea.

  • pasta Sarah Schenkkan

    Sarah runs the Milk Bar classroom and is feeling the pain of this pandemic first hand. She is our industry expert.

  • cheese Betty Liao

    Betty is about to get an MBA at Stanford. (Go Betty!) She’s probably the smartest one on the team.

  • hotdog Dan McKinley

    Dan runs data science at Mozilla (NBD) and cooks up medieval-sized meats for his 6 yo on the reg. He is our technical advisor.

  • avocado Kim Bost

    Kim does all things design. Her fav LinkedIn moment was adding WSET Level 1. Level 2 is up next, baby.

  • oyster Lizzie Redman

    Lizzie is a seasoned operations leader and keeps us pro. She makes a mean gumbo.